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Sanjeev Katyal

Sanjeev Katyal

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Katyal Mortgage

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We help our clients find mortgages that work for them in the long run. We understand every customer’s long-term goals, and with the help of our wide range of services, we help them achieve these goals. We don’t just provide great mortgage deals, with build relationships with our customers. We help them fulfill their dreams by helping them afford whatever makes them happy, be it a house, an investment, or a business property. We make sure that some of the biggest investments of your life are perfectly executed, and you can spend the rest of your life enjoying the fruits of your labor. Your financial growth is always our main focus.

Katyal Mortgage, a name you can trust

Because of our huge network of lenders and hard work, Katyal Mortgage has been a reputed name in the business. We have built a positive reputation with our hard work and dedication. We always go the extra mile to deliver amazing results. Thousands of satisfied customers are proof of our dedication to our work. And because of the confidence shown in us by our existing clients, Katyal Mortgage has become one of the most trusted names in the business. You can trust us to provide you the best solutions to your financial problems.

Our vision

We aim to reach more and more people every day and help them with their financial planning. You don’t have to waste your valuable time on getting quotes from individual banks and lenders. We are here to save your precious time and money. We wish to work with more and more people so that they can make full use of our experience and the large network of lenders that we have built after years of hard work.

Mortgage Services

What we can do for you

  • Home Purchase Mortgage

    Find the best deals from over 50 lenders for your next dream home.

  • Mortgage Refinancing

    Not happy with the interest rate or the terms of your existing mortgage? mortgage refinancing is the solution

  • Mortgage Renewals

    Mortgage renewals is the perfect time to find a better deal and we can help with that.

  • Private Mortgage Lending

    Having difficulty qualifying for the traditional mortgage? We can find you a reliable private mortgage lender.

  • 2nd Mortgage

    Have some equity on your property, we can help you with 2nd mortgage so that you can use those funds elsewhere.

  • Construction Financing

    Get construction financing and build your own house with your likings.

  • Commercial Mortgages

    Looking to buy commercial property or looking for a refinance or 2nd mortgage on your existing commercial property..

  • Land Assembly

    Land assembly is already a complicated project, so we make sure that arranging finances for such a complex task isn’t your biggest worry

  • Development Projects

    We have worked with many developers for years and have helped them find amazing solutions to their financial needs

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Why Katyal Mortgage

  • Solution for every problem

    We have a solution for every type of problem in your application. Low credit score, unverifiable income, unconventional property, or anything else that is considered a hindrance in your way of getting approved. Even if you have been let down by banks or other brokers, we will find the solution for you. We have handled all kinds of problems, and we have a solution for everything. We don’t let these small problems get in the way of your dreams.

  • Large Network of Lenders

    With us, you get a lot more options to choose from because of our network. We have a huge network of traditional as well as non-traditional lenders. We have worked with these financial institutions for many years and built trust with them. We work with the best financial institutions that follow fair business practices. Along with a number of big banks, we also work with non-traditional lenders who are willing to invest in you with a lot fewer formalities.

  • Highly Experienced

    We are highly experienced. The amount of research we have done for every client has made us the best in the business. We know how to handle every situation and work for the long-term benefit of our clients. The tactics we have developed over the years help us in negotiation. We give you the best and unbiased advice that suits your plan.

  • Tailored Plans

    You will get cost-effective solutions from us that suit your circumstances today as well as moving forward. We build a custom plan for everyone. Whenever a client comes to us, we study their financial situation and come up with a plan for them. Then we start looking for the deals which would work for them. We keep every person’s personal goals and preferences in mind. We can help you as well in finding mortgage deals that would help you achieve your goals.

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